US Imaging Expands Land Record Indexing Services with Military Veterans in Chicago

Historically low interest rates and COVID restrictions are making it difficult for County Recorders large and small to keep up with indexing an extraordinary volume of Recorded Documents.

US Imaging is committed to helping County Recorders and our new indexing center in downtown Chicago, IL will operate 24/7 helping Recorders stay current.  This is especially helpful at night and on weekends.  We have been building a strong team of on-site staff in Chicago for the past 15 years that conveniently travel nationwide from Chicago’s central US location via Midway & O’Hare airports.  Chicago has a large population of hard-working citizens that can travel efficiently to our new downtown “Loop” location via the mass transit rail system.


We are hiring 50 data entry specialists with preference being given to Military Veterans and their families.  To engage as many Veteran personnel as possible we have partnered with the Illinois Department of Employment Security and the Wounded Warrior Project.



Training and management will be performed by Kim LeGate; Kim was the Chief Deputy Registrar of Deeds at Davidson County in Nashville, TN for 33 years.

Kim has been a member of PRIA, iGO and NACRAC since 2005.  She served on the PRIA Board for 4 years and is still active on several PRIA committees.

Kim has a thorough understanding of Land Records with 36 years of experience.



If you are struggling to keep up with daily or backlog indexing, please call (989) 753-7933 or visit our website.