Daily and Backfile indexing services that meet or exceed all of your requirements.

We make sure every document is right where it should be.

Instant retrieval of Land Records is one of the primary benefits of digitization. However, access comes down to indexing accuracy. When pages are grouped with the wrong document or not indexed correctly, obtaining your records becomes a search through a digital haystack. We have solved these challenges by offering meticulous document indexing services to fit all budgets, timelines and searching needs. An extensive, easy-to-navigate digital index at your fingertips enables you to retrieve records faster and to better serve your constituents.


Eliminate your daily and backfile indexing backlog by engaging our experienced staff.

Daily Indexing

We index documents in your recording system as soon as they are received to keep your system as current as possible. We offer single-pass indexing with 98% accuracy or double-pass indexing with 100% accuracy. Alternatively, your team or auto-indexing software can perform the first pass and our team will provide the second pass, comparing and correcting results for 100% accuracy.

On Demand Indexing

If you receive a larger than expected volume of records or one of your staff needs a day off, just drop us an e-mail and our experienced team will index the documents day or night, so you don’t get behind.

Batch Indexing

During backfile scanning of books or rolls, directories are created to digitally replicate the existing filing system. Images are grouped to the book or roll level and we provide free ImageXpress software to make browsing through images fast and easy for your staff and constituents.


During a backfile scanning project, individual images are grouped as books or rolls as they are scanned. If you have the book and page number of the first page of each document in a current database, our ImageXpert production software can automatically group and index the scanned images together to the document level more economically than manual grouping and indexing. Our team checks for sync to ensure images and indexes match perfectly, making corrections as needed. We report any errors in the existing data to provide a detailed audit of your current data.

Key Field Indexing

When auto-indexing data is not available, our experienced staff manually group pages together as documents and index them by the unique key field identifier such as Book-Page Number, Document Number or both to minimize the backfile indexing investment. Indexing of all fields can be completed by your staff or our staff at anytime in the future.

All Fields Indexing

Our team can index all fields to provide the most flexible searching possible.  For example, on land record documents we could index all Party Names, Recording Date, Document Type, and partial or full Legal Description.

Barcode Indexing

Prior to scanning paper files, our staff can insert barcode separator sheets for each new file during the preparation process. The flyers will automatically group the digital images together during the scanning process so they can be indexed by a single key field or multiple index fields after scanning. Unique document numbers can also be pre-printed on barcode flyers and matched to the files during preparation to provide automatic key field indexing of each file as well.

Match and Merge Indexing

If digital index data is available in an existing database, our ImageXpert software allows our staff to key one field and match the rest to dramatically reduce the indexing investment. Our team compares the indexes on the images to the indexes in the database to make certain everything matches properly. If an error exists in the existing data, we will report it to provide a thorough audit of your existing data.


Our careful handling of your historical records and media-specific scanning equipment enables us to scan books, microfilm, drawings and paper without damaging the media or subjecting it to harm.


We have developed advanced inspection and enhancement software to deliver superior image quality and index accuracy to ensure your final images work seamlessly with your existing Document Management System.