What We Scan


Digitize your important documents to create more room for what's ahead.


For more than 48 years, our expertise and efficiency have helped over 1,000 Counties digitize their paper documents while meeting their budget and schedule requirements. Our advanced document scanning solutions mitigate the risk of loss or damage to your documents while preserving your irreplaceable data for generations to come.

Land Records

Land Records have undergone significant evolution in format over decades. Your public vault likely contains Land Records in multiple media formats, each reflecting the standard recording technology of the day. In addition to scanning Land Records stored in books and microfilm, we have vast experience grouping and indexing them accurately.

Primary Index Fields

  • Book Type (Deed, Mortgage, Official Records)
  • Book-Page Number
  • Document Number

Additional Index Fields

  • Party Names
  • Document Types
  • Recording Date
  • Recording Time
  • Legal Description of Property

The Challenge

The multitude of Document Management Systems available today can result in receiving image files that are incompatible with your existing system.

The Solution

We have formatted images and indexes for nearly every Document Management System in the country. If you have a system that we have not exported to yet, we will work with your system vendor to develop the export routine at no additional charge.


Plats and drawings are typically 18″ x 24″ and larger and are stored in a variety of methods that make capture a challenge. Sequentially numbered vertical hanging sleeves typically contain two drawings that must be removed from the sleeve, captured, and put back into the sleeves in the exact same order, so they do not get out of sync with the index. Drawing cabinet drawers store the plats horizontally, which causes edges to become warped and tattered and require document prep to keep drawings from tearing during capture. Rolled drawings are stored in tubes and need to be unrolled, captured, and rerolled to be encapsulated in the original tubes. Folded drawings need to be unfolded, torn creases taped, captured, and refolded to be put back into the cabinets.

The Challenge

Plats and drawings kept in various storage solutions are time-consuming to scan. Improper handling of these large maps could result in damage.

The Solution

Careful handling by our experienced on-site scanning teams ensures your plats and drawings are protected throughout the scanning process and returned to their original casing or appropriately prepared for long-term storage in our secured facility.

Court Records

Court records contain many pages per file, commonly spanning multiple folder volumes and often contain color photos and bound pamphlets. Files are typically indexed by Case Number, Plaintiff Name, Defendant Name and Volume Number. Files can be separated further into different document types if physical tabs or sections are currently present in the file.

The Challenge

Large physical files require a lot of storage space within the County.

The Solution

Digitizing these files will free up much needed office space.

Vital Records

With the average life span now exceeding 75 years of age, genealogy research is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Therefore, vital records will need to be preserved and accessible for future researchers for thousands of years to come. These records are also actively retrieved for proof of citizenship, proof of marriage and proof of death. Vital records typically require indexing of multiple names, dates and a certificate number. These records are commonly stored on white paper but have been captured on negative photostats and, in some filing systems, contain two or three certificates on the same page.

The Challenge

An ever-growing quantity of vital records strains physical space limitations in County Records offices. Increasing numbers of requests for these records occupies more time and attention from Clerks who must physically retrieve these files.

The Solution

Our indexing and storage services have helped dozens of Clerks capture, index and preserve birth, marriage and death certificates for easy access and archival backup in the event of a disaster.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are typically stored in chronological order and indexed by Type and Date.

The Challenge

Searching for specific information in a volume of meeting minutes can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

The Solution

We can perform Text OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to allow searching of any typed work in a document.

Property Assessment Records

Property assessment records are typically small files stored in Parcel Number order.

The Challenge

Property assessment records often require a significant amount of document prep to ensure they are scanner-ready.

The Solution

Our on-site document scanning experts work in multiple shifts to efficiently prepare these documents for scanning. Once scanned, files are typically separated by Year and indexed by both Year and Parcel ID Number.

Letter & Legal Pages

Letter and legal size pages are typically stored in folders and require document preparation to make the pages scanner-ready. Document prep includes removing folders, ACCO fasteners, staples, paperclips, duplicates, unfolding pages and bent corners, and taping torn pages and small pages (ex. Post-it notes) to letter-size pages. Letter-size pages are often double-sided and can vary in thickness, from onion skin to index card stock.

The Challenge

Damaged pages and manual document preparation result in a time-consuming document scanning process with the potential to order or group pages incorrectly.

The Solution

Our seasoned teams of on-site document scanners work in multiple shifts, 24-hours-per day, to complete your scanning project quickly. Barcode separator sheets are often inserted for each file or document to reduce the indexing time and cost to paginate or group pages together as documents.